Back from adventure


I’m back.  I’ve been absent from this space for such a long time. Our family has been on a grand adventure, one that I learned so much from that it will take a lifetime to fully appreciate. We spent 8 months in an RV, traveling and exploring, pursuing dreams and adventures. Each place we go,…

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.

Rachel Carson

Wait for the right questions to come up

(By the way, I am really bummed that I haven’t posted much this summer.  We’ve just been having so much fun, that really, I have had no time for blogging.  It’s been an amazing summer, but I do have a lot I want to talk about in this space, so I am hoping to be…

Time to become


If there is anything that Yellowstone has taught us, it is patience.  Quiet, pleasant patience. That things take time, and sometimes the time is long and that rushing does no good. Last week, it rained and rained.  And rained.  It was wonderful.  I am grateful for ponchos and sweatshirts.  The chilly weather gave us a…

Learning from failure


View of the Tetons from Sawtell Peak Trail. We were all a little summit hungry after Mt. Washburn. Wildflowers in bloom on Sawtell. So, we attempted another summit.  Longer hike, less elevation gain.  It seemed like a good balance. However, we arrived during what I can only describe as a massive swarm of bees and…

That rare treat: idle time


This article hits the nail on the head…this is why we un-enrolled from so many things.  The kids were stressed out and too busy.  When people ask me why we don’t take advantage of more after-school programs and why we don’t do more, I tell them that I am tired of telling my kids that…



“I feel that there is something in having passed one’s childhood beside the big river that is incommunicable to those who have not.” – T.S. Eliot What will your child’s “big river” be?

Listen in Addition


As an unschooling mom, I hate all things involving drills.  Though I know it is a commonly used technique to master math facts, I prefer to look for other ways to get my kids familiar with math. Two things seem to be prevalent when successful learning takes place in our home: a no-stress environment, and…

Some great thoughts on socialization

Socialization is something that is so bizarrely over-worried for our children now.  I feel that children are so forced into unnatural socialization that they’ve forgotten how to let it naturally evolve.  But enough about what I think for today. Nicole Shiffler recently published two great blog posts (here and here) about socialization and her children.…

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.

Simon Weil

Don’t be afraid to fail!


This.  In this brilliant article, Bloomberg columnist Megan McArdle writes about a conversation with a young girl in 10th grade.  This girl is so afraid of not getting an “A” that she is afraid to try anything new.  In our current system of education, kids almost have to get a 4.0 to feel like they…