June, 2013

  1. What our days look like.

    Many people have asked me what our days look like. Some days are spent at the top of mountains. Some days are spent at home, working together on something new. Some days are spent at the library or museum, lost in imagination and wonder. Some days are full of discovery. Some days are filled with…

  2. A glimpse into our day and unschooling

    I took these pictures a few weeks ago to illustrate the beauty of our days. Each child is freely exploring and learning what they are most interested in at that moment. One daughter practices casting her fishing rod over and over into the grass, perfecting the motion of her arm. Another checks on the status…

  3. Children don’t need to be taught to work hard.  They need to be allowed the freedom to pursue what they deeply love, and the hard work will come all on its own.  (And it will come joyfully.)