December, 2013

  1. Most children have a bug period, and I never outgrew mine.  Hands-on experience at the critical time, not systematic knowledge, is what counts in the making of a naturalist.  Better to be an untutored savage for a while, not to know the names or anatomical detail.  Better to spend long stretches of time just searching…

    E.O. Wilson, "Naturalist"

  2. A playful state of mind


    “The nonplayful student…does the least studying she can to get the ‘A’ that she desires, and her studying is focused directly on the goal of doing well on the tests.  Any learning not related to that goal is, for her, wasted effort.  In play, however, all this is reversed.  Play is activity conducted primarily for…

  3. Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.

    Jack Kerouac

  4. Apps I like: Flux Free


    I am hoping to do a new segment on this blog, featuring apps that I like for our kids.  Our kids don’t get a ton of screen time, but I do feel that it is a valuable and necessary thing for them to have experience with.  I don’t enjoy loud, flashy, or violent apps or…