January, 2014

  1. Apps I like: Human Body by Tinybop


    We’ve recently begun using Tinybop’s Human Body app and we are nuts about it! The Human Body is the first app in the Tinybop Explorer’s Library. Everything, from the bones and brain to cells and veins, is animated by particle physics in this interactive playscape. Children can poke, probe, and examine the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory,…

  2. Making a living instead of a life?

    Logan LaPlante on his unschooling (or “hackschooling,” as he calls it). It’s awesome to hear a child discussing his own education. And he’s right on. His ideas focus on a life of happiness, true happiness. He also discusses his future and his desires for his life.

  3. Some thoughts on math


    Some of the biggest questions that I get about unschooling are about math.  Truth be told, some of the biggest questions I ask myself are about math. Math continues to surprise me, though.  It’s one of those things that is all around us and pops up at surprising times. Since we began unschooling, we have…

  4. Apps I like: Peekaboo Forest


    Peekaboo Forest is an app that I just adore for our younger girls.  It is quiet, simple, and peaceful. “The Peekaboo Forest recreates the imaginative imagery of Harper who was raised on a farm in West Virginia before studying at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he used minimal realism in paintings and illustrations depicting…

  5. Famous Unschoolers: Ansel Adams


    “The back page of an October issue of San Francisco magazine displays a vivid photograph of a small boy, eyes wide with excitement and joy, leaping and running on a great expanse of California beach, storm clouds and towering waves behind him.  A short article explains that the boy was hyperactive, he had been kicked…

  6. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

    - Sign that hung over Albert Einstein's office at Princeton