April, 2014

  1. Rivers

    “I feel that there is something in having passed one’s childhood beside the big river that is incommunicable to those who have not.” – T.S. Eliot What will your child’s “big river” be?

  2. Listen in Addition

    As an unschooling mom, I hate all things involving drills.  Though I know it is a commonly used technique to master math facts, I prefer to look for other ways to get my kids familiar with math. Two things seem to be prevalent when successful learning takes place in our home: a no-stress environment, and…

  3. Some great thoughts on socialization

    Socialization is something that is so bizarrely over-worried for our children now.  I feel that children are so forced into unnatural socialization that they’ve forgotten how to let it naturally evolve.  But enough about what I think for today. Nicole Shiffler recently published two great blog posts (here and here) about socialization and her children.…