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  1. Learning from refugees


      As the refugee issue has heated to a boil in our country, my girls have formed their own opinions on the matter.  They decided to do something to make refugees in our country feel more welcome.  They, practically on their own, organized a holiday drive for the refugee center closest to us.  After about…

  2. Finding their own way


    A little over a year ago, my daughters attended Yoga for Congo for the first time.  They had helped me prepare for the event many times, and we had discussed the subject matter and the seriousness of the issue. Nothing could have prepared me, though, for what it was like to have them in that…

  3. Making a living instead of a life?

    Logan LaPlante on his unschooling (or “hackschooling,” as he calls it). It’s awesome to hear a child discussing his own education. And he’s right on. His ideas focus on a life of happiness, true happiness. He also discusses his future and his desires for his life.

  4. Fun Runs


    Fun runs are a great way to get kids involved in giving back. Most adult 5Ks (and even marathons) for a cause have a children’s fun run attached to the event.  It’s a great way for your kids to raise money, awareness, or just be active for a cause that they care about. If there…

  5. ACC, fabric, and perspective


    Largely because of our work with Congo, our family has become involved with the African Community Center in Denver, primarily with the We Made This program. It’s been so thrilling to have the girls actually meet refugee women from other countries, and gain the perspective and depth of thought that has come with imagining what…

  6. Yoga for Congo Women


    Matt and I founded Yoga for Congo Women several years ago out of a desire to raise awareness and help women survivor’s of Congo’s horrific war. The subject matter is pretty rough.  It’s not something that’s easy to talk to kids about.  Matt and I feel, though, that it’s very important for them to be…

  7. Water


    One of my girls was really interested recently in the water cycle.  I found this page at the Water Project really useful.  It has a handy little animation and narration about the water cycle, as well as some really fun and simple little activities. It also has a very simple and powerful way to get kids…

  8. Standing up


      Unschooling is all about taking your children out into the world, and rather than telling them to sit back and be quiet, teaching them how to act in everyday (and not-so-everyday) situations.  For us, it’s also about thinking of others and learning to stand up and act. Years ago, we met a man.  He gradually…

  9. Helplessness to Empowerment


    When children see things on the news or hear of tragedies, it can really affect them.  That feeling can be overwhelming for them to try to deal with. Several years ago, when Haiti was struck with profound tragedy, our children were very affected.  So we invited members of the community to come and assemble hygiene…