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  1. It is not the language of painters but the language of nature one should listen to…The feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important that the feeling for pictures.

    Vincent Van Gogh

  2. Everything has equal value


    One thing that I have committed to myself, again and again, is allowing each interest and each possible topic or “subject” in my children’s learning to have equal weight.  In the education of my children, I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity is as important as literacy. Creativity can come into play in any…

  3. Apps I like: Toca Tailor


    A few of our daughters are really into sewing and design.  We have been trying to encourage their creativity in this area and it has been really fun to see what they come up with.  In addition to instruction on sewing, stitches, etc., we have purchased books and allowed them (almost) free reign of my…

  4. Famous Unschoolers: Claude Monet


    Claude Monet is next in our favorite unschoolers series.  His art resonates with me, and changed the course of art and painting as we know them. Monet spent his youth in the coastal town of Le Havre, in Normandy.  He spent his time along the beaches, observing the light and the water.  Though his parents…

  5. Apps I like: Flux Free


    I am hoping to do a new segment on this blog, featuring apps that I like for our kids.  Our kids don’t get a ton of screen time, but I do feel that it is a valuable and necessary thing for them to have experience with.  I don’t enjoy loud, flashy, or violent apps or…

  6. School always appeared to me like a prison, and I could never make up my mind to stay there, when the sunshine was inviting, the sea smooth, and when it was such a joy to run about in the free air, or to paddle around in the water.

    Claude Monet

  7. About me and why we unschool


    I went to public school.  I did great there.  By “great,” I mean that I got terrific grades.  Always.  My 4th grade teacher (wonderful, wonderful woman) made the comment in front of the class that she expected I would get a scholarship to college because of my grades.  Something clicked.  I had a game to…

  8. Black and white

    black and white

      This photo by Polish photographer Marcin Ryczek thrills me.  The contrast of black/white, human/animal, frozen/liquid, and a hundred other ideas makes my mind whir.  I couldn’t wait to share it with the girls when I saw it.  I asked them what they thought before I shared anything with them about my thoughts.  I loved that…