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  1. If you had always been free to learn, you would follow your natural tendency to find out as fully as possible about the things that interest you, cars or stars.  We are all born with what they call “love of learning,” but it dives off into an elusive void when we go to school.

    Grace Llewelyn

  2. Famous Unschoolers: Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson


    Jamie Anderson is the next in our famous unschooler’s series, and this is especially fun, because, unlike the others we have covered so far, she is a contemporary!  Jamie is the first woman to win gold in slopestyle snowboarding. Jamie with her mom (photo credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images) In an interview with Today, Jamie’s mom…

  3. Famous Unschoolers: Claude Monet


    Claude Monet is next in our favorite unschoolers series.  His art resonates with me, and changed the course of art and painting as we know them. Monet spent his youth in the coastal town of Le Havre, in Normandy.  He spent his time along the beaches, observing the light and the water.  Though his parents…

  4. Famous Unschoolers: Ansel Adams


    “The back page of an October issue of San Francisco magazine displays a vivid photograph of a small boy, eyes wide with excitement and joy, leaping and running on a great expanse of California beach, storm clouds and towering waves behind him.  A short article explains that the boy was hyperactive, he had been kicked…