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  1. Learning from refugees


      As the refugee issue has heated to a boil in our country, my girls have formed their own opinions on the matter.  They decided to do something to make refugees in our country feel more welcome.  They, practically on their own, organized a holiday drive for the refugee center closest to us.  After about…

  2. Walking

    Quick post on why walking is wonderful.  Worth a few minutes to read. :) I feel that my children (and myself!) are at our best, our most creative, our most curious, our most inspired, after we’ve spent time outside, moving, breathing, walking, working!

  3. Learning from failure


    View of the Tetons from Sawtell Peak Trail. We were all a little summit hungry after Mt. Washburn. Wildflowers in bloom on Sawtell. So, we attempted another summit.  Longer hike, less elevation gain.  It seemed like a good balance. However, we arrived during what I can only describe as a massive swarm of bees and…

  4. Letterboxing

    annrichmond on Instagram

    We’ve recently begun letterboxing, and we have had so much fun so far! Here is the basic idea: Find a letterboxing site or app (boxfinder, clue tracker, and box radar are a few) to help you locate a letterbox, or a trail of letterboxes. Each child (and adult) needs a book (notebooks or bare books…

  5. The water bubble and life


    This summer, I wanted to make one of the giant water bubbles I saw floating around on Pinterest.  They looked so fun. And it was fun, albeit much more complicated than Pinterest would have me believe. My circumstances made it more complicated that in normally would have been.  We’re in a rental home at the…