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  1. Apps we like: Toca Lab


    I’ve said before that we try to avoid too much screen time.  However, there are some very important technical skills that kids need to have in the world they will enter.  There are also some incredible learning tools out there. One that we have really loved (for all ages!) is Toca Lab.  It’s available for…

  2. Nurturing constructive boredom: take away the TV for a while


    “Any parent who has punished a child by taking away TV privileges and then watched that child play–slowly at first, then imaginatively, freely–will recognize the connection between time, boredom, and creativity.  ‘There’s something about television–maybe that it provides so much in the way of audio and visual stimulations that children don’t have to generate very…

  3. The technology question


    “Public education is enamored of, even mesmerized by, what might be called silicon faith: a myopic focus on high technology as salvation. …The problem with computers isn’t computers–they’re just tools; the problem is that overdependence on them displaces other sources of education, from the arts to nature.” -Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods By…