Verb practice

Worksheets are definitely not a real fun thing to do for most kids, and learning the parts of speech can be tricky.  So instead of endless worksheets, I love to try to weave things like that in to regular life when they come up.  One fun way I’ve discovered to practice verbs is singing a simple song: “Sing a Song.”

We start by singing the regular words:

“Sing, sing, sing.

I love to sing!

I love to sing a song!

Sing, sing, sing.”

Then, one of the children gets to pick a verb that we act out in place of the word “sing.” One child may pick the word “jump,” so the song instead becomes:

“Jump, jump, jump!

I love to jump!

I love to jump and jump!

Jump, jump, jump.”

The kids love to act out the verb while they sing, and this song could go on for as long as you like. We love to jump, march, run, fly, skate…any number of things. It is a great way to get out wiggles, to practice verbs, to use our imaginations, etc! Have fun!

When I use it as a calm-down song, I let them each choose a verb, we act them all out, and then I end the song by “shhh”-ing, instead of a verb. It is a good way to quiet down after the fun. :)