Getting to things

Back when we homeschooled the more traditional way, I found myself saying “no” all the time.  The kids would beg me to sew or read a certain story or make a cake or build a fort.  We just never had time.  We barely had enough time in a day to do everything on our list.  I felt like the kids lived in their desks all day long.

I hated it, but I’d always promise that we’d get to it soon.  It rarely happened, though.

Now, I feel like we are getting to all of those things.  The “things” that they were once dreaming of doing while drudging through worksheets have now become our workbooks and practice sheets.  They learn what they need to learn through the experience.  It is amazing how much more they learn when they are excited about what they’re doing.

Our days are so much more filled with purpose and excitement, and I can’t express how thrilling it is to finally be “getting to things.”