See the world through their eyes




(I’m not sure of the artist, but I wish I were so I could attribute this to them.  Please let me know if you do.)

There are days when the kids have been wildly happy in their imaginations and have thrived in creativity.  And those days are remarkably messy sometimes.  It can be tempting to want to keep it all boxed and contained and make it all fit in a tidy desk.  But if we do that, I fear we limit our children and their minds in ways we can’t possibly imagine.  Allowing them to be more free is a sacrifice at times.  A big one.  But I believe it’s worth it.  There are nights when I come down for a drink of water and I just sink at the sight of the mess that awaits me there.  But then I close my eyes and open them again and see the evidence of a beautiful day.