The water bubble and life

This summer, I wanted to make one of the giant water bubbles I saw floating around on Pinterest.  They looked so fun.

And it was fun, albeit much more complicated than Pinterest would have me believe.

My circumstances made it more complicated that in normally would have been.  We’re in a rental home at the moment, and since I wanted to keep the owner’s grass intact, I knew that we couldn’t have it on the lawn.  So, we put in on the back porch, which is concrete.  The additional hardness and the slope presented a few problems.  The first time we filled it up, it began to roll right off the porch.  I tried to step on it really firmly on the edge, to get it to stop rolling.  Instead of stopping it, I got caught up in the momentum and literally surfed right off the edge of the porch with the giant rolling water bubble.

The girls were watching, of course, wide-eyed and terrified. It was one of those life-moments.  Those opportunities we all have as parents to teach in whatever circumstance we’re in, positive or otherwise.

So I laughed.

And then they laughed.  We talked about how the first try didn’t go so well, and what we could do differently the next time.  The next time brought its own challenges.  Leaks followed later.  There were an infinite supply of problem-solving opportunities, all while we built a really fun project together.

Moments like that are important.  They teach children to solve problems, seek solutions, figure things out, and not give up.  Best of all, they learn to laugh about it, too.

Note: I originally followed instructions from this site.  Very fun and simple, but here are a few additional pointers:

  • Next time I do it on cement, I would fill it up a lot fuller and put towels underneath for some cushion.  Having it on the cement does have the added bonus of leaving it up for a few days, as long as you can keep the leaks under control.
  • It sounds so simple to just duct tape around plastic. It’s really not. Try not to do it when it’s windy. Get some help and make sure you give yourself lots of time.
  • Use heavy duty duct tape. Very heavy duty. :)
  • Glitter and food coloring were very fun inside it.