They come alive when they’re outside

One of the most important things I’ve felt since we being unschooling is that I want my children to have a life full of nature.  I want them to learn as naturally as possible.

One problem.  We live smack dab in the middle of suburbia.  And though I hope and pray that someday that will change, and I dream of a life with a house in the woods, right now, this is our reality.

Our neighborhood is especially tight on covenants and what children absolutely cannot do.  There are times I just yearn for them to be able to dig a hole without repercussions.  I get so frustrated that I feel tempted to keep them inside and wait for our little home in the country somewhere, someday.

But that’s not something I want to do.  This is their childhood, and we’re doing our best with what we’ve got.

And they come alive when they are outside.  Something magical inside of them clicks on.

They lie on the tiny swatch of grass and watch the clouds, and the neighborhood and all of its rules disappear.  They make a pile of rock “cookies” to eat.  They use rocks and twigs to build a dam in the gutter in front of our house (until the HOA finds out, hee hee).  They build fairy houses under the tree.  They let little roly polies crawl all over their hands.

“Nature gives itself to children.” – Richard Louv

It inspires me.  Would I give anything to live on our own little acreage somewhere?  Yes.  But they are able to find the magic in nature here, in the suburbs, anyway.  I love them for it.