Writing notes in class

When we were doing more traditional homeschool, we had writing time every day.  My oldest daughter dreaded it.  It just wasn’t her cup of tea.  I would push and push her to finish a few sentences in her journal.  It was so frustrating.

Once we began unschooling, I noticed opportunities for writing all over the place that she gladly enjoyed without even realizing it.  The other day, I was stuck in the tire shop with all of my kids, waiting for a tire repair.  My oldest had a pad and pen with her.  She sat next to me and played a game on her paper.

After a minute, I started to write her notes.  I would ask her questions about her day or about how she was feeling about things, and she was so thrilled to write back.  She felt like it was a secret little game between us.  She wrote page after page of notes, no pushing required.  Her writing flowed freely when there was no pressure to it.  After a while, with some creative prompting, she was writing much more advanced thoughts than I’d been able to eke out of her in “school” most of the time.

Amazing how the lack of pressure and “have-to” created a freedom and even desire to write.