Why I would do such a thing as homeschool

*This is a post I wrote years ago, before we ever began unschooling or this blog.  I still think it’s relevant, so I wanted to include it here.

People ask me all the time why I am homeschooling. They probably ask you, too. And if they really wanted to know, you could talk to them for the next week about all of the reasons why.

I have many reasons. Many, many, many. And all of them are good.  But today, I want to take a minute and list just one.

The other day, The Today Show was hosting a personal hero of mine, Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International. (Take a minute and just read a little bit about her here.) Truly, this woman has changed the lives of thousands of women across the world. She has suffered and toiled, and she has overcome and created an incredible life, one that has value and worth, and which exists to make other lives better and more whole. What an incredible person! She was more than worth watching a brief morning of television for.

As I waited (…and waited) for her to come on, the morning wore on. The girls were tired. An hour went by. And another one. And do you know what took up most of that time? Michael Jackson. Story after story about poor Michael Jackson. Minute after “precious” minute of prime morning TV time taken up, trying to make a man who (in my fervent opinion) molested children and who became so drug-burned that he surrounded himself with mannequins for company sound good. I was stunned at the amount of time that was given to not only memorializing a monster, but in trying to make that monster beautiful and palatable. (Now, I feel just as sad that Jackson was abused as a child as anyone else does. The abuse of any child is evil and despicable. But others who have been abused as children have been able to rise and live in a moral society. And we spend no time aggrandizing those who did not.) So much time was spent, wasted, trying to make this man pitiable and palatable.

I never did see Zainab Salbi live. I finally had to move on with life. However, I did finally go back and find the clip of her online. After seeing Michael Jackson all morning, I was stunned to find just how much time they spent with Zainab, a woman who has changed lives, and the world, for good. Would you like to know how much?

4 minutes, 18 seconds.

4 minutes, after spending the better part of one or two hours on Michael Jackson. 4 minutes on the deadliest war since World War II. 4 minutes on women who are violently gang raped daily. 4 minutes on more suffering than any of us can imagine. 4 minutes, on a woman who has helped people, who has changed the lives of countless women, including mine.


4 minutes.


Well, we wouldn’t want to spend too much time on that, would we? I mean, really.


Do you want to know one of the thousands of reasons I homeschool?

I want my children to have a grasp of truth, goodness, and reality. I want them to know what is actually real, what is actually important, and what is actually happening. And I want them to know that there are things that are worth paying attention to, and that they can make a difference and change the world. I want them to learn to sift through the pottage that the world spends so much time trying desperately to make palatable, and which so many of us so gladly eat right up, and to instead find the jewels and the meat and the goodness in life.