Yoga for Congo Women

Matt and I founded Yoga for Congo Women several years ago out of a desire to raise awareness and help women survivor’s of Congo’s horrific war.

The subject matter is pretty rough.  It’s not something that’s easy to talk to kids about.  Matt and I feel, though, that it’s very important for them to be aware of.  We also want to involve them in something that is so important to us.  So, though it’s a difficult topic, we have found ways for our children to become involved.

One way I involve the kids is take them with me when I meet with sponsors to pick up sponsored items, such as water for our events.  They often sort the t-shirts with me before an event.

I also have them help me to make eye pillows from Congolese fabric that are a crucial part of our events.

Many participants also bring their children to events, and I have been told that it is a very powerful experience for them.

I’ve found that if I look for it, there are always ways to involve them in some way.  I believe that if they grow up seeing their parents working toward doing good, it will be a natural thing for them to do when they are older.