ACC, fabric, and perspective

Largely because of our work with Congo, our family has become involved with the African Community Center in Denver, primarily with the We Made This program.

It’s been so thrilling to have the girls actually meet refugee women from other countries, and gain the perspective and depth of thought that has come with imagining what their lives have been like.

The girls and I worked together a while back to do a fabric drive, to enable the WMT ladies to have more fabric to practice on, as well as to make items to sell.

It was a simple way for the girls to see how their contribution actually makes a difference.

It was also a profound way for them to experience what life is like for others and to learn from their courage and determination.

What moves you?  What do you see your children becoming involved in?

When children learn to give, they do not only learn to be selfless.  They become more aware, more intelligent, more content, and more empowered.

They learn what is real and what is actually important.

To purchase items from the WMT ladies, see their etsy store, or stop by any time!