Fun Runs

Fun runs are a great way to get kids involved in giving back.

Most adult 5Ks (and even marathons) for a cause have a children’s fun run attached to the event.  It’s a great way for your kids to raise money, awareness, or just be active for a cause that they care about.

If there isn’t a fun run available, these are also very simple activities to organize on your own.  They don’t involve the complicated courses and logistics that longer, adult runs do.

These photos are from a fun run organized by our friend for women in Congo.  It was at a local park that had a sidewalk loop around a grassy area.  A chalk starting line, a ribbon for the finish line, and you’re done!

Several families were involved, and it was an incredible way to get those kids thinking and caring about others.  (If you wish to do a larger event, please remember to consult with local authorities, of course.)  

Years later, whenever my daughters run, they tell me they are thinking of Congolese women when they do.