Rock bugs

Last week, we were having one of those days.  Everything was frustrating and nothing I had planned for the day was working out.

The kids were feeling a little trapped inside.  The youngest was sick and a lot of my attention had been focused on her.

I sent the kids outside to get some smooth rocks and little twigs.  I heated up the glue gun while they were outside, and in a matter of minutes, we were creating.

After gluing and drawing little faces, the girls tumbled outside to build little houses for their bugs.  They spent a long time picking out food for them and making safe little structures for them to spend the night in.

This activity can be done pretty much anywhere you live, because all you need are rocks, glue, and an imagination.  It was very simple and changed the mood in our home instantly.

It’s amazing how creativity can change a mood.  It’s also amazing how playing with natural materials seems to soothe children (not to mention their stressed parents).  This was the simplest of activities, but it brought a little nature into our day and soothed us.