Best hikes with children

I know I’ve referenced this book in my post about hiking with kids, but I use this book so often I felt it deserved its own post.


Best Hikes with Children in Colorado has been an invaluable tool for us as we have sought to take our children out of the suburbs and explore the natural world around us.  Some of the best points are:

  • each trail is rated by ease for children, as opposed to standard hiking texts or websites that rate trails for adults.
  • there are maps and information about parking, as well as information on fees and seasonal closings.
  • the book is divided up geographically, so it is easy for me to pick a trail when I know we want to be in a certain part of the state that day.
  • there is information in each trail description about interesting facts or fun things for kids to watch for in each area.  This has been especially fun for us!  For example, on the Village Walk Trail, we knew to go off the beaten path to find the old graves of gold miners long ago.

In another area, we knew to look for the holes of the pygmy nuthatch, a sure sign that the forest is healthy.  We even found a little nuthatch bouncing down the trunk of a tree upside down, just as the book had described.

This book has been an invaluable resource to us.  The best part is, this resource isn’t limited to those who live in Colorado.  A quick Amazon search revealed that this is a series available in many areas.  Each book is written by a different author, but I am hopeful that each author has done as fantastic a job as Keilty has!  If you enjoy hiking and want to share this love with your children, or if you just want help getting out of the city, a book like this can become a trusted friend.