A glimpse into our day and unschooling

I took these pictures a few weeks ago to illustrate the beauty of our days.

Each child is freely exploring and learning what they are most interested in at that moment.

One daughter practices casting her fishing rod over and over into the grass, perfecting the motion of her arm.

Another checks on the status of seedlings in our garden and compares them to each other in size and appearance.

Another sits at a table outside in the breeze, looking through her microscope at leaves, blades of grass, bugs, and pieces of dirt.  At the same table sits a three-year-old and her Curious George, as well as a tiny toddler who just loves to watch everyone.

When the daughter with a microscope finds something interesting, she shares it with her fishing sister.

Later, in the house, the three-year-old is intrigued enough to put a piece of pink paper under the microscope and turn it on herself.

Few of these activities would be found in a standard setting, and absolutely none of them would be done together, allowing the sharing of ideas and thoughts.  Some of them may seem pointless, but through unschooling, I have learned that no activity is pointless.  Often pointless-seeming activities turn up new, surprising, amazing paths of learning that I never would have considered before.  Freedom is the key.