We’ve recently begun letterboxing, and we have had so much fun so far!

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Here is the basic idea:

  • Find a letterboxing site or app (boxfinder, clue tracker, and box radar are a few) to help you locate a letterbox, or a trail of letterboxes.
  • Each child (and adult) needs a book (notebooks or bare books work great), an individual stamp (easy to find at a craft store, or to make), and trail name.  (Our kids have written their trail names on the front of their books, so they can remember.)  The group will also need a pencil or pen and an ink pad.
  • Travel to the site of the letterbox and follow the clues to find your pouch!  Many clues will take you on a fun hike and will give history of the area or the box.  You can also find some that cover only short distances.
  • When you find it, there will be a special stamp specific only to that location.  Stamp that stamp into each book, noting the name of the box and the date you were there, and anything else you may want to remember.
  • Then, stamp each child’s stamp into the little book left in the letterbox pouch, also writing each accompanying trail name and the date you were there.

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This is a really fun twist on hiking that adds a little sense of excitement, purpose, and adventure to your hike!  It’s also a way to leave just a little bit of yourselves behind in an area you love.