Apps I like: Flux Free

I am hoping to do a new segment on this blog, featuring apps that I like for our kids.  Our kids don’t get a ton of screen time, but I do feel that it is a valuable and necessary thing for them to have experience with.  I don’t enjoy loud, flashy, or violent apps or games.  I do enjoy things that offer our kids a pleasant, enjoyable experience, and I don’t mind if it gets their little minds going, too. :)

This week, I wanted to talk about a new app we recently came across, called Flux Free.  It’s a simple puzzle game, one that involves color and shape.  One of my favorite things about it for our younger kids is that it provides a simple art lesson on mixing colors, without any lecture from us on the subject.  I’ve been hearing my younger daughters, who hadn’t yet had that concept introduced to them, talking while playing the game about which colors mix to create a desired color.

Other things I really like:

  • This game is not flashy or loud.
  • The puzzles are fun and satisfying to solve.
  • The background music is beautiful and soothing.
  • There is no pressure.  There is no flashing timer or minimum/maximum number of moves.  This allows for a free and low-stress environment for the kids to play around in.
  • The “feel” of the puzzle is nice…it’s a smooth and elegant experience.
  • It makes your kids (or you!) think, without getting a headache from the pressure and stress of it.
  • No violence.  Lots of people don’t mind it, but this mama does.

Give it a try!