Apps I like: Peekaboo Forest

Peekaboo Forest is an app that I just adore for our younger girls.  It is quiet, simple, and peaceful.

“The Peekaboo Forest recreates the imaginative imagery of Harper who was raised on a farm in West Virginia before studying at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he used minimal realism in paintings and illustrations depicting animals in their natural habitats.” – CoolHunting

(Images via CoolHunting.)

There are four different screens (seasons), and in each screen, several animals are viewed.  Along with hearing the noise the animal makes, the animal is named.

One really fun feature is that you can record your own voice saying the names of the animals.  Our older girls recorded the names for their younger sisters, and my two-year-old is delighted each time she hears a beloved sibling’s voice speaking to her through the app.

This app is perfect for those times when I need to distract my younger ones quietly, but don’t want to stick them in front of a movie.  It is simple enough for them to use without much, if any, help.  I heartily recommend it! :)