Apps I like: Toca Tailor

A few of our daughters are really into sewing and design.  We have been trying to encourage their creativity in this area and it has been really fun to see what they come up with.  In addition to instruction on sewing, stitches, etc., we have purchased books and allowed them (almost) free reign of my sewing materials.

In addition, I have found another useful source in an app I had originally purchased for my younger children (it’s rated 4+).  Toca Tailor and Toca Tailor Fairy Tales (my favorite) are some incredibly creative and very fun apps designed especially for your budding designer.

In this app, you can create, design, and mix-and-match clothing and accessories.  You can adjust length and type of clothing.  Best of all, you can design your own fabric to create unique designs.  One of the best features is that you can use the camera on your iPad to take a picture of a fabric or texture that you like, then use that as the fabric for your design.

Children can capture pictures of their designs, and can even take a picture with a character wearing their design (or a picture with a sibling).  :)


One of my favorite things about this app is the general feeling associated with it.  The model is a simple child, in a sewing room filled with fabric and sewing accessories.  There are no flashing lights, no cat calls, no runway.  Nothing about design feels cheap, sexy, or flashy.  It feels creative and inspiring.  I have no problem whatsoever allowing my children to use it.

I highly recommend this for budding designers of all ages.  Even children who just love to play with art and color will love this app!