Directed-attention fatigue

“Too much directed attention leads to…”directed-attention fatigue,” marked by impulsive behavior, agitation, and inability to concentrate.  Directed-attention fatigue occurs because neural inhibitory mechanisms become fatigued by blocking competing stimuli.  As Stephen Kaplan explained in the journal Monitor on Psychology, ‘If you can find an environment where the attention is automatic, you allow directed attention to rest.  And that means an environment that’s strong on fascination.'”

– Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

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What fascinates your kids?  Whether you are unschooling or not, if you find your days being punctuated by agitation, frustration, and a seeming inability to focus, perhaps it’s because you all need a rest.  Today, get outside, go in the woods, read a book that just seems interesting, paint, whatever you choose, but be fascinated.