Listen in Addition

As an unschooling mom, I hate all things involving drills.  Though I know it is a commonly used technique to master math facts, I prefer to look for other ways to get my kids familiar with math.

Two things seem to be prevalent when successful learning takes place in our home: a no-stress environment, and a sense of play.  To help my kids remember basic math facts, I have tried to find fun music for them to learn along with.  There are many, many CDs out there that teach basic math facts.  Some are pretty decent, and some are just annoying.  Our favorite, however, is called Listen in Additionby Jandie Jams.

Listen in Addition is truly the first math CD that doesn’t grate on my nerves.  We turn in on in the car, and the kids just sing along as we drive.  The songs are cute, clever, and catchy.  The CD comes with a companion book, which is very clever.  Each number is assigned a personality, adorably illustrated in the book.  This has really helped my kids.  It helps them remember what each song sounds like when they later want to sing it on their own.  (“Zero” is a superhero who can’t actually do anything, “Ten” is Captain Diaz, a pirate dividing up his treasure.)  My little barely-six year old is spouting off math facts all day long as she gradually commits them to memory in a playful, non-stressful manner.


From the creator’s website:

A Kid Clever music CD with companion book speaks to kids with various learning styles. Kids can LOOK at the companion book while they LISTEN to the music CD. We like to say that Look + Listen = Learning. Presenting the information in two modalities and as part of fun, interesting music results in successful learning for kids.

I can’t recommend this CD enough!  There is also a multiplication version, Multiplication Sensation.

You can listen to samples here and purchase here.

*This review is completely independent and unsolicited.  I am promoting the product simply because I love it, and for no other reason.