Suburban/urban unschooling: exploring and other thoughts

Since moving from the suburbs, I haven’t written as much about how to make unschooling work there, but it is still very important to me.  I vividly remember the extra creativity required to make it work in an environment that wasn’t quite as “natural” as the woods we now live in.

Here are a few random thoughts on my mind today:

1) There is always something out there.  Get your kids outside (safely).

2) Embrace what you are passionate about.  Let go of the rest.  Kids are so over-scheduled that they barely know who they are anymore.  In a suburban environment, this will take courage.  You have to be brave enough to have the kids who are not in soccer and ballet and drama.  Don’t try to keep up with the other moms and kids.  Just keep up with your hearts.

3) Explore.  There are more places than you can imagine to learn and discover.  Each of these places will bring more questions and more discoveries.  Find something special near you and go.  The Sleepy Time Gal has a lot of inspiration for this on her blog.  Find some of the places she has taken her children here.

4) Work towards living where you love, but in the meantime, love where you live.  Every day, I used to wake up and try to find a new way to fall in love with the area we lived in.  At the time, we had no choice, so I made it my mission to find what was special about it and fall in love.  If you already love where you live, what new secrets does it hold that you have not yet found?  Go fall in love.