Learning at their own pace

This article on a ten-year old math prodigy, Esther Okade, was shared with me recently.  I loved it, but not for the “prodigy” reason.

When the child showed great aptitude in math, her parents enrolled her in a private school.  Her mom said, “One day we were coming back home and she burst out in tears and she said, ‘I don’t ever want to go back to that school — they don’t even let me talk!'”

So, she let Esther learn at home at her own pace, which in this case, was very rapid and advanced.

I think that the Okade family is an excellent example.  I love that their children have achieved success by learning at the pace they they wanted to go.  Whether slow or fast, I truly believe that children learn best when they are ready…and they do know when they are ready!