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This blog is meant to be an inspiration…both to myself and to others who may care to explore the idea of unschooling their children (or themselves).

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Child-led learning:  The essence of unschooling is that it is child-led.  It involves a remarkable amount of trust and a sense of wonder.  When a child is leading their own education, they are happier and more eager to learn, and they retain information better.  As adults, we usually only enjoy pursuing what interests us.  Why would we ask children to do differently?

Inspiration: If you’re here, you’re most likely a parent who has chosen or who is preparing to choose the road less travelled.  This section is full of short quotes and thoughts, mostly inspiring ideas to get your heart and mind thinking and going.

Natural Learning:  Unschooling is learning naturally, as you need it and come to it.  It’s learning the way we do until we enter school, if we are conventionally educated.  A huge part of learning naturally for our family is being outside and learning in and from nature.

Making this work in the suburbs: Learning in and from nature is hard when you’re in a cultivated, developed environment, but for a long time, that was what was available to our family.  We were still able to make unschooling work, even then.  Though we no  longer live in suburbia, I’m keeping this section open, because most people do!  A free life is still possible.

Teaching children to give: One of the greatest gifts we feel we can give our children is the desire and courage to go out and serve.  We want them to feel empowered to do something.  This is one of the most exciting aspects of living this kind of life.  They are free to enter the world at a young age and take it on in their own ways.